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- 10 Reasons

- 10 Reasons

My reasons: “I wanted to experience something else, a smaller city in Norway. It’s a combination of taking a new direction, travelling, and living in a place with loads of hiking opportunities. Egersund was definitely the right choice.”

I love the feeling of being in a safe environment and not having to pay attention to my wallet all the time. I also sleep much better, because its colder and darker, and I really appreciate that the bigger city and the airport is nearby.” Even though we are Italians, we had to come to the Egersund church to experience our first Vivaldi concert. And it was amazing

The head brewer that fell in love with Egersund

Luca is a post graduate engineer with a degree in brewing technology. He was a trainee at the large Italian brewing company Baladin and started there in 2005. After many years working at the brewery in the wine district of Piemonte, the Milan-born Luca Saccomandi wanted to experience something else in life. Ten years ago, he and his girlfriend decided to leave Italy and come to work in Norway.

First, they went to Oslo, explored the urban life and the international community, and made many new friends. The craft brewer had jobs in various places, including the renowned brewery “Schouskjelleren Mikrobryggeri” for 3,5 years. But soon, they realized it was time to try something else.

In 2017, Luca started his own brewing company. This included lots of administrative work, and after some time, it made him realize that he missed brewing.

– We wanted to get out of the big city and start all over again in a new place, preferably a medium sized-city with 10-30 000 inhabitants, and a brewery where I could work, says Luca.

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Together with his girlfriend, who is an accountant and could have a job almost anywhere – he set out to fulfill his new ambitions.

Berentsen brewery – here comes the Head brewer!

– In Italy, the type of beer is quite different from the Norwegian beers, except for pilsner. When eating food, beer is very flexible and can be served with almost anything. But in Norway, as I realized a long time ago, beer doesn’t necessarily come with food at all. More often than not, Norwegians drink beer by itself!, Luca laughs.

Then Berentsens Brygghus were in need of a new head brewer, and it was the perfect job for me. A brewery with 15 different beer-types. It was an easy choice.

– The best Berentsen-beer? For me it is definitely one of the dark ones, those with extra malt, Luca says. And the favorite? – It must be the Christmas brew Must “Stellinger Bivum”, that’s really something!

The preparations for the October festival might be the number one highlight of his year.

– The nature and the wild surroundings here are spectacular and very scenic, with the sea and mountains in harmony. It is also close to the airport in Stavanger, which is very convenient when we are going back to Milan to visit our family.

– What we have learned by being here in Egersund, is that the myth we were told about Norwegians not being friendly and easy to get to know, makes absolutely no sense. Norwegians are incredibly friendly, and very easy to get to know. Please keep that in mind, Luca smiles.

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