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We arrange development workshops for our members.

New Kaupang is a «non profit» organization with the purpose to facilitate energy intensive establishments in South-West Norway. We assist businesses in search of sites, energy, competence and local value chains. New Kaupang collaborates with local business and government to help establishing the industrial transition taking place. The industrial transition will result in new jobs, sustainable businesses and cluster all making sure that we use our energy in the best possible way.

We arrange development workshops for our members.

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Circular economy and sustainability are important KPIs that we work towards every day. The illustration shows a typical Norwegian energy system based on a high degree of regulated energy production using hydropower. Nature has given Norway a unique sun-powered system where water is collected 1000 meters above sea level. Water that can be released for energy production as required and combined with wind and solar production for power-intensive purposes as needed. This means that if you decide to establish your business here we will help to find circular economy prospects that can integrate with your business to make sure every 'drop' of energy counts.

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New Kaupang is a non-profit organization owned and operated by the local government and 10 municipalities. We work together with site owners, local utility companies, R&D to establish an offering for power-intensive projects that would like to start up in Rogaland. It is important for us to maximize the value created from the shared resource green energy. That is why we promote sustainable thinking and planning among the participants. Society expects this way of thinking but we also believe that it will be an attractive mindset for companies starting their business here. We can only achieve this through close collaboration, having a joint understanding of requirements and boundaries will be beneficial for all parties. We are ready to engage in such discussions. Please contact us.

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Joakim Petersen

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