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Areas for power-intensive industries

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14 areas from 3 to 250 hectares planned for power-intensive industry projects.

14 areas from 3 to 250 hectares planned for power-intensive industry projects.

Just access to a site is not enough. In addition access to a well developed value chain and renewable energy are important to create a sustainable new operation in Norway. New Kaupang assists in the development of the sites and performs quality assurance to make sure that they are fit for purpose. They sites we represents offers access to land, energy, infrastructure in addition to access to local government and utilities. We have more sites than any other region in Norway in addition to an established international business environment supporting all requirements for technical knowledge, research, education, government backed initiatives as well as a high standard of living for locals ans expats.

Sites for power-intensive industry projects

South-West Norway has developed sites, infrastructure, and value chains to support the ongoing industrial transition and at the same time create new jobs and continue Norway's strong sustainable track record. We would like to explore the opportunity to create this future together with your company.

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Complete infrastructure

South-West Norway is among the most complete industrial regions in Scandinavia. Communication links, logistics, knowledge, green power generation, industrial thinking, R&D all support international energy industry requirements. Experience and insight from international business through generations combined with experience from design and development of energy production in one of the harshest areas in the world have resulted in unique capabilities to construct and operate large installations on and offshore.

Power intensive industries categories

The "new" industry requires access to large amounts of renewable energy - energy from hydropower, wind, and solar. Norway's industrial comparative advantage is access to a surplus of local electricity production. The industrial sites in the South-West region are planned for what we call «Perpetuum Mobile» in order to minimize energy waste by planning for circular economy systems. We would like to engage with companies where sustainability, digitalization, and electrification are important. We believe that these companies will attract other like-minded companies and thus create green industrial parks for the future offering good value to both the local communities and the companies.

  • Battery-technology

  • Hydrogenproduction

  • Dataprocessing

  • Onshore fish farming

  • Mineral production

  • Circular opportunities

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