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- 10 Reasons

“I went to Norway several times a year for work. I fell in love, married, had children, divorced, and fell in love again.”

- 10 Reasons

My reasons: Adventure and love

“I went to Norway several times a year for work. I fell in love, married, had children, divorced, and fell in love again.”

At a small, beautiful place called Jelsa, Craig and his wife Trude are enjoying a long weekend. Normally, they run a restaurant “The Garden” in the city of Stavanger.

Adventure, love and family

Craig Noerman didn´t come to Norway for the temperature, the surfing, or the sun. However, he has surfed here several times.

– The water is not the same temperature as it is back home, but it is crystal clear, the waves are good, and the beaches are beautiful and clean. Here, we even go skiing on the beach. I´ve tried it!

In Australia, Craig Norman was working in the IT-industry with the Norwegian company Telenor. The job shipped him off to Norway several times a year. He liked what he saw. The culture, lifestyle and way of life were not so different from what he was used to. One thing he appreciates in Norway, is that everything is very close. The forest is 15 minutes from the city, the same with the beaches and the mountains.

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– I married a Norwegian girl, and we had three children. My job was still in Australia, and I was working from home in Norway, so I didn´t really feel like part of the community. Her friends were my friends, you know.

After divorcing his wife, his life in Norway changed.

– I didn´t want just to live here. I wanted to participate, be a part of it, meet people and participate in the community. So, I quit my job and got a fresh start in a different industry. I built a concept with several small businesses under the same roof, mostly within food. At the same time, I started a coffee shop and a brewery.

One day he met Trude Jaarvik Noerman.

– We married last year and are very happy. We run a restaurant together, “The garden”, so we work together and spend all our time together. We are very good friends as well.

And here, in Jelsa, Trude owns a family house from the 17th century, and they have a lot of plans for the house.

– We are constantly renovating. And now we want to make a guest house in the boat house. Maybe serving drinks and food for the boat tourist. The house is only a one-hour boat ride from the city, and we come here as often as we can. We simply love it here. We’re always sad when it’s time to go home! Trude says.

– Craig and I have three children each. When we all go here together, we just swim, relax and enjoy family time. We also feel more creative when we are here. The nature, the quiet and the fresh air does something to us. This is the place where we get most of our ideas.

Craig is building a brand-new life in Norway and has not once considered going back to Australia.

– This is my home now. With Trude, my family, my friends, nature, and our businesses. I love it.

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